Partnership Opportunities

It is important to recognize that Sacramento Valley Resources does not offer or sell securities. We offer qualified persons the opportunity to participate in Joint Venture Partnerships focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of oil and gas properties for the purpose of generating income and tax benefits for our Partners, which retain 100% control over their Joint Ventures.

Our strategic partnerships with well-established industry partners allow us to combine our resources, talent and experience to create unique investment opportunities which we believe will provide long-term success for our Joint Venture Partners and Sacramento Valley Resources.

Sacramento Valley Resources has participated in many oil and gas exploration and development activities, and we can speak from experience that each and every prospect carries its own degree of geologic or mechanical risk. Because of this, we take a diversified approach to prospects in which we participate by offering both existing and potential Partners the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects. However, oil and gas investing comes with inherent risk. While new technology has greatly improved the ability to evaluate and drill prospects, there is no guarantee that a well will produce commercial quantities of hydrocarbons at a projected rate (or at all).

In the end, it is important when considering an investment in this industry to understand not only the structure of any investment deal but also the credibility of the company that offers it. Our commitment is to operate with the utmost honesty, integrity and transparency. We encourage any qualified potential Partner to seek out all necessary advice to make an informed decision. We also offer to provide potential Partners contact information for our professional advisors and technical experts so that no question goes unanswered, as well as offer additional resources in the Due Diligence section of our website.


Notice Concerning Forward-Looking Statements
A portion of the information provided herein constitutes forward-looking statements. These statements relate to future financial performance or results. You should review this information carefully because it contains Sacramento Valley Resources’s future expectations, and while Sacramento Valley Resources believes that it is important to communicate these expectations, this information provides only estimates of future performance or results. Actual performance or results may not meet such expectations and may differ materially. In evaluating these forward-looking statements, you should consider various factors that may cause actual performance or results to differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements contained herein. Although Sacramento Valley Resources believes that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements contained herein are reasonable, it cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance, achievements, or events. Moreover, Sacramento Valley Resources does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of such forward-looking statements in the future. Sacramento Valley Resources does not plan to update any of the forward-looking statements made herein to conform such statements to actual performance or results.

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